Brium or officially known as The Island of Brium, is a large island located off the Western coast of Scovia.

History Edit

Brium is named after the stillborn son of the queen due to the island looking like a fetus.

Geography Edit

The island is heavily forested with rare Darkwood trees. The Darkwood forest covers most of the island. In the northwest part of the island, a small lake is located named the Tear. The Tear is the source for the Crying Rivers, a series of rivers and streams on Brium. South of the Tear are the Weeping Wetlands, a swamp home to a tribe of Gripplis. On the island's east coast is a small mountain range named the Spine. The island has a bay named Backbiter Bay.

Economy Edit

Brium's economy is built around Darkwood. The people of Brium use it to build carts, shields, and structures. Its most notable use is in ships. Brium's biggest industry is its ship building one. Brium is home to many talented shipbuilders and wood craftsmen. Fishing also plays an important role in Brium's economy as it is one of the largest fishing hubs in its region. In addition, tourism is a small but growing part of Brium's economy.

Settlements Edit

Brium is home to 5 settlements.

The City of Orphan Edit

Orphan is the largest and only city on Brium. It is also the capital of the island. It is known for its large ship building and fishing industries.

Littlefoot Edit

Littlefoot is a small fishing town near the southern most point of Brium. It is the smallest settlement.

Darkwallow Edit

Darkwallow is a large town located in the northeastern part of the island. It is the closest port to the mainland and is therefore, the second busiest port.

Mudwell Edit

Mudwell is a small town on the shores of the Tear.

Groda Stad Edit

Groda Stad or Frog town is a Gripplis village located on the Tear in the Weeping Wetlands.

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